Advocacy: Breaking it Down

Published March 18, 2015 under Blog

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Wandy and Tamela after the Congressional Briefing
Photo by Anne Warden

Before our team hopped on a plane for Power of Community Day in Washington, DC earlier this month, we asked Advocacy Consultant Anne Warden for a few tips to share with advocates visiting legislative staff on Capitol Hill or reaching out to legislators at home.

Here’s what she said.

  • The average congressional district has 700K residents. Stand out by speaking up!
  • Google! Before contacting your legislator, look them up and learn something about them.
  • The best advocacy messages are simple, well researched and heartfelt.
  • Check the maps. What other communities do your legislators represent?
  • When it comes to advocacy, be a polite, but squeaky wheel. If you don’t hear back from your legislator, try them again.
  • Make it personal with legislators. If you’ve seen them before, say so. If you’re personally connected to the issue, say so.
  • If you had a good experience with your legislator, thank them on social media.
  • If your legislator is responsive, send a thank you note.

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