All in a Day of Breastfeeding #ThrowbackThursday 1998

Published April 2, 2015 under Blog

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Since 1986, community health workers have been sharing their personal stories with HealthConnect One — stories of peer counseling, of childbirth, of breastfeeding, of pumping — stories of labor, and supporting the choices made by sisters and neighbors and friends. These stories are shared to motivate one another, to connect or to inspire, and they are timeless.

Here’s a story from our Spring 1998 Peer Counselor and Doula Newsletter, Natural Times.

All in a Day of Breastfeeding

by LaShone Kelly

Shortly after delivering her third child, my sister-in-law had guests over to share in the joy of this new little one. One of her guests included her 5-year-old godson. After awhile, it became clear that the baby was ready to be nursed.

My sister-in-law proceeded to feed the baby as her godson watched in awe. After she laid the baby down for a rest, her godson asked her, “What was the baby doing?” My sister-in-law told him that the baby was getting his milk. The little boy nodded and went on his way.

Several weeks later when my sister-in-law returned to church, her little godson noticed that the baby was suckling on her finger. The little boy tapped her on the shoulder and asked, “Does the baby get milk from there, too?” We all had a good laugh.

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