Announcing the first Community Doula Week!

Published March 22, 2022 under Blog

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We are thrilled to share that HealthConnect One is partnering with BirthMatters to host the first-ever Community Doula Week! 

Community Doula Week is a weeklong campaign to highlight the unique and life-saving support community doulas offer birthing people and their families. This campaign was dreamed up by Eboni Williams, a BirthMatters community-based doula serving her community in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

This year #CDW2022 will:

→ Acknowledge the importance of community doulas through public awareness 
→ Affirm the critical support community doulas offer amidst a maternal health crisis.
→ Advocate for fair and sustainable pay for community doulas through community building

Community Doula Week will take place from March 29th – April 5th. This week will involve several activities and events inited to acknowledge the work of community doulas. 

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A Doula Story – Virtual Viewing

Join us for a virtual viewing of “A Doula Story” on Wednesday, March 30th at 12:00 PM EST

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A Doula Story documents one woman’s fierce commitment to empower pregnant teenagers with the skills and knowledge they need to become confident nurturing mothers. A woman of remarkable magnetism and complexity, Loretha Weisinger returns to the same disadvantaged neighborhood, where she once struggled as a teen mom. She uses compassion and humor to teach the young mothers-to-be about everything from the importance of breast-feeding and reading to their babies to the practical details of communicating effectively with health care professionals.

Community Doula Week Dialogue

To close out the first-ever Community Doula Week, HealthConnect One and BirthMatters are hosting a panel discussion and open dialogue titled “A Community Doula Conversation.

During this discussion, panelists will map out the history of community-based doulas, discuss the present challenges and strides to advance and sustain the profession, and highlight the steps necessary to forge a way forward.

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