Breastfeeding Peer Advocate Michelle Neumann

Published March 18, 2019 under Blog

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Michelle Neumann w Helen and Tikvah 2019

Michelle Neumann, who serves moms with children two years old and under, recently took HealthConnect One’s Breastfeeding Advocate Training with SGA Family Services.

“I learned a lot about breastfeeding in a different way than I’m used to,” she says. “I learned a lot about the basics and fundamentals of breastfeeding . . . Miss Helen and Miss Tikvah are great resources. Even their personal stories help me with the parents that I serve.”

She goes on: “I did take a course that was very in-depth and detailed, very intense, but it was just so much information and so overwhelming that it didn’t give me the knowledge that I needed to just be basic and to answer specific questions.”

And now? “If anyone asks me questions about breastfeeding, I’m on it … If I see one of my friends are pregnant, I automatically, ‘Ohmygod, are you gonna breastfeed? Are you interested in breastfeeding? If you have any questions, let me know…'”

Breastfeeding advocates like Michelle are why we love to facilitate trainings. Thank you, Michelle, for the support and the inspiration!

Check out our next Breastfeeding Advocate Training:

Chicago, April 24-26, 2019

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