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Celebrating Silvia Corado: A Doula’s Journey of Love and Empowerment

Disaster Preparedness in Perinatal Care: Insights from Birth Workers

HealthConnect One continues Partnership with Open Arms Perinatal Services

Building a Lactation Room in Salt Lake City

Feature: Providing Lactation Support to Black Families in Nebraska

Celebrating AAPI Month

Feature: Supporting Black Breastfeeding In Wichita

Op-ed "Why We Need a Black Breastfeeding Week" at the top, with an image of the author at the bottom.

Op-ed: Why We Need a Black Breastfeeding Week

12 Organizations Supporting & Celebrating Black Moms Breastfeeding

Q and A: SisterWeb Birth Doula Workshop in January

Women Experiencing Incarceration Learn Community-Based Doula Skills

Interview with Esperanza Dodge, Durbin CHW Awardee & Operations Director of Young Women United

Supporting My Community as a CLC

Breastfeeding Peer Advocate LaTonia Clark

Breastfeeding Peer Advocate Michelle Neumann

Moms and Babies in Michigan Receive the Gold-Standard of Care Through BMBFA’s Community-Based Doula Program

Preservando nuestras tradiciones de parto y lactancia

Preserving our Breastfeeding and Birth Traditions

Black woman breastfeeding old black and white image

Black Breastfeeding after a History of Trauma

Black Breastfeeding in Philadelphia, a Q&A

Loretha’s Story

Birth Equity: Start by Supporting and Respecting Doulas

Fulfilling My Dreams: Becoming a Certified Lactation Counselor

Powerful Women — My CLC Course

Reclamando Nuestras Tradiciones Sobre La Lactancia y El Parto / Reclaiming our Traditions in Breastfeeding and Birth

My Commitment to Breastfeeding

Ser una nueva mamá

On Being a New Mom

The Value of a Title: CLC

Where CLC Training Led Me

Young Mothers Deserve Just As Much Encouragement

Early Health and Early Learning: Q&A with Phyllis Glink

Prenatal Training Impacts More than Birth

Hidden Figures in the Black Birth World

Cultivating Change: Rachel

Cultivating Change: Laura

Cultivating Change: Emma Gonzales

Cultivando Cambio: Veros

Black Babies Matter

Shared Voices for Equity in Birth and Breastfeeding


Back to our Breastfeeding Roots


Breastfeeding Support: Interview with Ondina Miranda

Maria Briseño, on Why She is Running for USBC Midwest Regional Representative

Peer Counselor Perspective on Breastfeeding and Skin to Skin

On Infant Feeding: Research, Support and Community

dressed-up mom baby and dad

Dad Talks Birth & Breastfeeding