Early Relational Health Report

Published July 3, 2024 under Blog

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May 2024 Content

In 2023, HealthConnect One, in partnership with The Center for the Study of Social Policy, introduced innovative Early Relational Health training modules. Early Relational Health is the state of emotional well-being that grows from the positive emotional connection between babies and toddlers and their parents when they experience strong, positive, and nurturing relationships with each other. Early Relational Health is foundational to children’s healthy growth and development and parents’ sense of competence, connection, and overall well-being.  

This two-year project developed and analyzed a community-based doula training curriculum that deepens the foundational impact of early relationships between children and their caregivers. We are thankful for our funders, The W. K. Kellogg Foundation, The Burke Foundation, and the Pritzker Children’s Initiative, and the participation of community-based doulas across the country who made this project possible.

Find our full report here: https://bit.ly/ERHFinalReport

Key Questions  

  • Did Community-Based Doulas (CBDs) comprehend and accept the ERH training curriculum? 
  • How did the training impact the utilization of ERH skills by CBDs? 
  • Did the training increase parental knowledge of ERH among birthing families? 
  • What additional resources and support are needed for CBDs to apply ERH skills effectively?


  • 100% of CBDs identified themselves as being part of the ERH workforce. 
  • Role-playing and peer-to-peer interactions were highly valued components of the training. 
  • Positive outcomes observed among clients included: 
  • Enhanced interaction 
  • Better articulation of support needs 
  • Increased understanding of personal circumstances 
  • Recommendations for strengthening future training cohorts included: 
  • Adjusting curriculum length and components 
  • Establishing peer-to-peer reflective support networks 
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