Expanding Lactation Support

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National Breastfeeding Month '22-2

Partner and community support is essential to breastfeeding success. In communities where socioeconomic factors and historical injustices have reduced breastfeeding initiation and duration, community support may serve as a buffer to the harm caused by inequities. Join HealthConnect One and Multnomah County’s REACH program for a Black Breastfeeding Week panel discussion, “Expanding Lactation Support: Undoing Breastfeeding Trauma,” on expanding lactation support in Black Communities from community leaders, partners, and advocates. During this discussion, panelists will tie the history of Black breastfeeding trauma to the need for trusted community members to support birthing families and mothers with their breastfeeding journey.

Please click below to watch a recording of the “Exapnding Lactation Support: Undoing Breast Trauma” webinar:


RaShaunda Lugrand | The InTune Mother Society

RaShaunda Lugrand is uplifting access to holistic family planning for historically excluded communities in the US and internationally, with a focus on the environment, education, employment, economics, and empowerment. She serves birthing families as a birth coach, breastfeeding educator, postpartum care provider, comfort measure specialist, and behavioral health wellness coach. She is the founder of The InTune Mother Society, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a focus on community-based perinatal health care and workforce innovation through a healing justice framework. She leads a team of local birth work providers through Beehive Birth Consulting Agency, her private practice which provides holistic family planning services and education to priority populations in Central Oklahoma County and surrounding areas. RaShaunda currently serves on the board of Birth Future Foundation (BFF), an organization focused on racial justice and equity in midwifery.

Joyea Marshall-Crowley | Wichita Black Breastfeeding Coalition | Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition

Joyea Marshall-Crowley (CBS) is the Program Coordinator for the Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition and Section Leader for the Wichita Black Breastfeeding Coalition. Her goal is to normalize breastfeeding and empower women at all stages of their journey. Her passion for breastfeeding began with her journey. As a first-generation black breastfeeding mom, she realized how difficult it was to get proper support and education in her community. Since then, her passion has shined through by being an advocate and educator for women of color to reach their own breastfeeding goals and provide the support they need.

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