Honoring Birth Justice Heroes: Looking To The Past As We Chart A New Future

Published February 1, 2021 under Blog

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Many active birth justice heroes embody Sankofa, a Ghanaian symbol that represents the importance of looking back to our traditions and culture as we move forward. It is essential that as we work toward birth justice, we bring forward our brilliance and traditions to promote unity, wellness and health in our Black community and innovate toward a brighter future.

In the last year, the needs of moms and babies in the Black community have been increasingly overshadowed by the pandemic, racial tension and the associated fallout. Birth justice leaders have persisted and adapted their work despite the challenges, leaning in, advocating with and supporting moms, babies, families and communities. We will proudly honor the work being done by partners and collaborators in the Black community to promote birth justice throughout the month and the year, because the greatness, progress and innovation of the Black community must be celebrated each day, not just in February.

We have begun our planning for our W.K. Kellogg First Food Equity Program, where we will facilitate positive change to ensure culturally reflective breastfeeding support in 20 locations across the US.

HealthConnect One is working to rebuild community health by partnering and collaborating with Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities that experience the greatest inequity in the current system. As our country grapples with pandemic-related challenges and the movement toward racial and social justice, the time is now to support and advance outcomes that build healthy communities. 

HealthConnect One is the national leader in advancing equitable, community-based, peer-to-peer support for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and early parenting. HealthConnect One is committed to collaborating with Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities to ensure safe and healthy pregnancies and births, thriving babies and families, and successful early parenting and nutrition.

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