How has Breastfeeding Changed My Life? #ThrowbackThursday 2001

Published May 7, 2015 under Blog

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Since 1986, community health workers have been sharing their personal stories with HealthConnect One — stories of peer counseling, of childbirth, of breastfeeding, of pumping — stories of labor, and supporting the choices made by sisters and neighbors and friends. These stories are shared to motivate one another, to connect or to inspire, and they are timeless.

Here’s a story from Summer 2001’s Natural Times, our Peer Counselor, Doula and Teen Peer Leader Newsletter.

How has Breastfeeding Changed My Life?

by Latasha Sandoval, Teen Peer Leader (2001)

Breastfeeding has encouraged my heart to search out more health benefits for my family. It has really improved my relationship with my family and others. It helps my self-esteem and I feel more confident as a woman. It promotes social conversations and there are less hospital trips. I can say that breastfeeding has made me more conscious of the type of clothing I purchase or wear. It really encourages me to eat healthier and feed my whole family healthier foods.

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