Man-to-Man: Let’s Talk Breastfeeding

Published September 24, 2015 under Blog

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Damiens Musical Kids

During Latino-Hispanic Heritage Month, HealthConnect One is excited to celebrate our breastfeeding traditions through online and real-life conversation and support. This is the 7th guest post in our blog series, “Celebrating our Breastfeeding Traditions,” featuring individuals who identify as Latino/Hispanic who are breastfeeding leaders, advocates of breastfeeding support, and members of breastfeeding families.

by Damien Dimas
Damien w Both Kids

Greetings! My name is Damien Dimas. I wanted to introduce myself by sharing a few things with you. A Chicago native, I spent my formative years in Central Texas Hill Country. In those parts, we refer to ourselves as Texican. As a father and husband, I have developed a strong commitment to breastfeeding. But, it wasn’t with the start of fatherhood that I became an advocate of nursing naturally. Long before fatherhood, I witnessed the miracle-like effects of a mother’s milk.

As an educator in public education, I feel my commitment extends to educating those in need about the benefits of breastfeeding. That’s why I’m sharing this with you now.

Damiens FamilyI just want to point out to you some things that I think should concern the men of the Latino community: The role of Latino men in supporting our Latina women in their breastfeeding efforts. It is an issue that is close to my heart. I hope to share a message with my fellow Latinos about how they can support the women in their lives when they are attempting to nurture their babies in the most natural and healthy way.

Damien w Son Skin to Skin
Of course, the best way any man can support the mother is to be there for her. Offer encouragement by way of positive reinforcement, letting her know how proud you are that she’s giving the child the best type of nutrition, natural immune defenses and of course, the unbreakable bond made by a skin-to-skin connection. I encourage men to take part in this last part, especially.

Damien SonI had a unique and rare opportunity to deliver my own son with my own two hands. This wasn’t the plan, obviously. But, it worked out that way. My wife and I knew that our son’s best chance of survival and continued growth was momma’s milk.

Now, my son is a healthy, happy, intelligent three year old. Without a doubt, he is as strong and as smart as he is because of the nourishment provided to him from the best possible source: Breast milk. There is no substitute.

Damien Dimas, a native Chicagoan from Texas, earns his living by teaching life through music to the students of Dallas ISD. He and his wonderful wife are raising their two beautiful breastfed children, a 12 year-old genius daughter and the coolest three year-old boy, ever. As a matter of fun fact, Damien delivered his own son back in 2013.  

Damiens Musical Kids 

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