New webinar: 6/25 – Supporting Families During COVID-19 and Emergencies

Published June 9, 2020 under Blog

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As we continue to navigate COVID-19 our birthing families and communities still need support. The webinar will be led by Alimentación Segura Infantil (ASI) in Puerto Rico (PR). They will share their approach to supporting families during emergencies and this public health pandemic. ASI continues to support families effectively in PR during these challenging times and centers a grassroots peer-to-peer approach.

ASI has been providing peer support that is trusted and rooted in the community for over 2 ½ years. They focus on supporting families from birth through the postpartum period. ASI will also share in this webinar their learning from emergency preparedness and how to continue to support families effectively during these challenging times.

Space is limited, register today! 

ASI is a nonprofit organization that works for food security for infants and young children, addressing the systemic barriers which affect equitable access before, during, and after emergency situations. We focus on training community members to become specialists in lactation and infant feeding during emergencies and times of stability. ASI is a national leader in first food equity, they organize for birth equity issues in PR and provide direct service to families.

This webinar will discuss the following:

Importance of continuity of support from trusted peers in the community during pandemic and emergencies

Importance of community-rooted based support for birthing parents and lactating parents

Impact of COVID-19 and emergency situations on lactation and birthing families

Inspiration for and by Leaders of Color and Latinx

Space is limited, register today! 

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