President Biden Now Is the Time To Invest In The Health Care of All Mothers

Published January 19, 2021 under Blog

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PRESS CONTACT: Kristian Ramos,

Chicago – To commemorate the inauguration of President Joe Biden, HealthConnect One Executive Director Dr. Twylla Dillion released the following statement: 

“Our nation is not perfect; it is “unfinished,” as Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman beautifully described in her poem, stating that “catastrophe cannot prevail over us.” The centering of youth in today’s inauguration helped drive home the hope of America. I am joyful at the prospect that this centering will remain during this President Biden’s term and beyond if we are to see the changes necessary for birth equity.

President Joe Biden has pledged to build our country back better than before, to heal the bitter divides that have rocked our country over the past four years. To achieve both of these goals, the President must invest in building stronger communities by investing in mothers. 

To see Vice President Kamala Harris sworn in had a personal resonance with me as a child of Jamaican immigrants raised by a single mother. To see her enter this role as the first Black, Asian, and woman VP is incredibly inspirational and crucial for our nation’s healing. As HealthConnect One’s  leader, I am hopeful that the Momnibus Act that she sponsored as a senator passes in this new administration.

HealthConnect One is working to rebuild community health by partnering and collaborating with Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities that experience the greatest inequity in the current health care system to create a stronger country. 

As our country grapples with pandemic-related challenges and the movement toward racial and social justice, the time is now to support and advance outcomes that build healthy communities.  

Together, we can rebuild a system that supports healthy communities today and for future generations.  Through advocacy, coaching, training, technical assistance, and program development services, we are improving maternal-child health outcomes and rebuilding healthy communities. We look forward to working with President Biden and his administration on the critical work ahead.” 

HealthConnect One is the national leader in advancing equitable, community-based, peer-to-peer support for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and early parenting. HealthConnect One is committed to collaborating with Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities to ensure safe and healthy pregnancies and births, thriving babies and families, and successful early parenting and nutrition.


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