This is what a leader looks like: U.S. Sen. Durbin’s CHW of the Year Video

Published June 18, 2020 under Blog

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This pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on African American and Latinx communities, leaving many mothers and babies of color vulnerable…. More than ever, mothers and babies in minority communities need support, and the faculty and leadership of the Birth Equity Leadership Academy have stepped up. Thank you, BELA!

–Senator Richard J. Durbin


day 2 promo of EBOB event to intro CHW AwardIn 2014, HealthConnect One recognized U.S. Senator Richard J. Durbin because of his support for community-based doulas and other community health workers.

Senator Durbin’s work had allowed HealthConnect One to make great strides in providing important health access and early parenting support in Illinois – and he had also recently become a grandfather.

He was enthusiastic when, in addition to recognizing his efforts on behalf of maternal and child health —which have continued– the organization named its Community Health Worker of the Year Award in his honor. Since then we’ve recognized leaders from Illinois, Washington state, and New Mexico for their work as community-based doulas.

We’re grateful to him for his continued support and leadership. Thank you for watching.

We’re also grateful to sponsors of our virtual Every Baby Our Baby this year: Gold sponsors the Irving Harris Foundation and Perigee Fund; Silver sponsor, Navistar, and Copper sponsors, Mairita Smiltars, Gordon Mayer Communications, and Graceful Fusion Birth Doula Trainings.

Our work to support and train community-based doulas, peer counselors and other community health workers continues. We appreciate you for being here. If you are able to support this work at any level, you can contribute here.

Thank you!

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