Where Do You Look For Strength? #ThrowbackThursday 1995

Published March 5, 2015 under Blog

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TBT 3 5 2015

Since 1986, community health workers have been sharing their personal stories with HealthConnect One — stories of peer counseling, of childbirth, of breastfeeding, of pumping — stories of labor, and supporting the choices made by sisters and neighbors and friends. These stories are shared to motivate one another, to connect or to inspire, and they are timeless.

Here’s one from our Winter 1995 Peer Counselor Newsletter, Natural Times.

Where Do You Look For Strength?

by Assunta Osterholt

TBT 3 5 2015Once you start working in the breastfeeding community and you repeatedly come across inadequacies towards breastfeeding, and unjust practices towards women and infant feeding, where do you look for strength?

I know some look to their “God.” Some talk to others of like mind. Maybe you read a book that reaffirms what you always knew to be true. Some will get recharged by attending a conference. Others become active members of organizations in the field. Still, time and time again, we are confronted with many different challenges. Some of these challenges can be very exhausting. I often ask myself, when will that turning point be, when breastfeeding is considered the norm and bottle feeding is known to be the abnormal?

To help me get through these difficult times, I close my eyes, breathe deep, and relax. I mentally visualize such a turning point in society. After awhile, I open my eyes … I look at my children and they seem to put everything into perspective for me.

So, sister, carry on. Peace.

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