Your Vote Matters To Birthing Families

Published October 7, 2020 under Blog

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Dear friends,

This year has been a challenging experience for us all, as fear of COVID-19 infection, homeschooling, social isolation and economic upheaval changed our lives.

On November 3, we have an opportunity to decide who will lead our nation as we navigate a pandemic. It’s not just a presidential election, there are various candidates and issues on the ballot in November that will impact how decisions are made for our birthing families.

Here’s how you can take action! 

1. Start by making sure you are registered to vote.

2. If you are not yet registered, there is still time! Register online before October 18.

3. You can vote by mail by October 15. You can find out what options are available for voting in your state.

4. Are you a first time voter? Here’s a handy checklist with everything you need to cast your vote.

5. Speak to your family and friends to make sure they have all the information they need to make their voice heard at the ballot!

Your voice and your vote matter! Thank you for lending your voice and advocacy in support of birthing families!

The HealthConnect One Team

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