Community Doula Week Webinar

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Community Doula Week will end with our annual webinar on Sustaining Doulas for the Present, Future, and Beyond! Join us on Friday, April 5th at 1PM EST with our host Crystal Irby as she narrates the conversation with our wonderful panelists!

Date: April 5th | Time: 1:00 PM EST | ZOOM Webinar

This webinar will delve into crucial topics surrounding the sustainability of doula care. We will explore the intersection of sustainability, data, and Medicaid reimbursement, shedding light on how these factors impact the ability of doulas to thrive and provide essential support to birthing individuals and their families.

Please click the play button below to watch a recording of the webinar:


Crystal Irby | Dem Black Mamas

Crystal Tennille Irby is a spoken word poetry grand slam champion, published writer, director, and #BlackMamaCreative. As a doula, she co-hosts and executive produces the Dem Black Mamas Podcast, focusing on the experiences of Black mothers raising free children. Crystal is also a TEDxGreenville presenter, Watering Hole Poetry Fellow, and founder of Writers Well Youth Fellowship. Her recent projects include directing Untitled Reconstruction Project and co-curating Untamed Womb: Reclaiming Wonder Through Healing, Liberation & Creativity. She has contributed to For Harriet and presented at conferences like the Black Maternal Health Conference & Training Institute. With over 15 years of experience combating systemic racism, Crystal serves as a community doula and facilitates workshops with Speaking Down Barriers. She’s a board member of Hub City Writers Project and a mother of four, sharing her life with an Omega man.


Kendall Albert | Ancient Song Doula Services

Kendall Albert is the Director of Research Development at Ancient Song Doula Services. Ancient Song which operates in both New York and New Jersey is a national birth justice organization working to eliminate maternal and infant mortality and morbidity among low-income Black and Latinx people. They do this by ensuring that all pregnant, postpartum, and parenting people of color have access to high-quality, holistic doula care and services regardless of their ability to pay. They provide doula training and services, offer community education, and advocate for policy change to support reproductive and birth justice.

Christina Gebel | Accompany Doula Care

Christina Gebel, MPH, is the Co-Founder and Director of Research at Accompany Doula Care. Accompany Doula Care is an independent Massachusetts-based 501c3 organization that was founded by and is currently led by birth doulas. They focus on centering the birthing person’s voice in their needs and desires for culturally, linguistically, racially, and ethnically tailored support. Christina has been a doula for 12 years and received her Master in Public Health from Boston University. She is a co-founder and Interim Executive Director of the nonprofit Accompany Doula Care, based in Massachusetts. Christina lives in Durham with her husband and their cat.

Jaya PruittSisterWeb

Jaya Pruitt is a Kindred Birth Companion Doula for SisterWeb in San Francisco, California. Jaya, a Bay Area native, grew up surrounded by pregnancy in a tight-knit, mostly female family. Initially a preschool teacher and special education assistant, she found her calling in doula work after training in 2018. Motivated by the birth disparities faced by Black women and her own birthing experience, she’s dedicated to supporting women of color, particularly in breastfeeding. Aspiring to become a midwife, she sees doula work as integral to her journey. Joining SisterWeb, she aims to empower birthing individuals, ensuring they know their rights and feel loved, protected, and heard throughout their journey. Jaya considers it her community duty to provide compassionate and purposeful care.

Shamika Antwine Boone| Tulsa Birth Equity Initiative

Shamika Antwine Boone is the Program Project Manager at Tulsa Birth Equity Inititative. Shamika has served families for over 20 years, in related fields ranging from birth support, childcare, education and child welfare. With a BA in Sociology from Langston University, Shamika currently serves as both a community-based doula and the supervisor for the rest of the TBEI Doula Team. She is passionate about bringing birth back into the community to support parents in controlling their own experience.

Whit Williams-Black| Want to Be Well Doula Services

Whit Williams-Black (she/they), a full-spectrum doula, is dedicated to serving marginalized communities, particularly Black mamas, young parents, LGBTQIA+, and QTBIPOC individuals in the South. With a background in Gender and Women’s Studies and a focus on reproductive justice, Whit aims to become a community midwife and establish birth centers and community gardens across the Southeastern United States. Certified by Ancient Song Doula Services, Whit also educates on reproductive justice, consent, and pleasure. They’ve received grants from organizations like Ancient Song and Birth Future Foundations for their work in promoting birth justice.

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